Saturday, January 4, 2014

Constipated? Well, I am!

I will confess that I am stressed out, I am pretty agitated about the things happened last October until November. I have sleepless nights and I am constipated. But when I saw personally Mama Sweet, all the worries were gone. I say hello to an 8 hour sleep but mu bowel movement is still irregular. 

I went to see a doctor and advised me to drink prune juice. Well, hard headed, when I smelled it, I totally denied to gulp it, instead I keep on eating fruits and leafy vegetables and my bowel movement went on its track.

Hello to holidays! All meaty and oily food is on the table and very enticing to eat and really can't resist and gluttony strikes, haha. The result I am so bloated. Tea and vegetable is ineffective and the only refuge is to drink the prune juice or I will be taking synthetic drugs to be the answer on my problem. So I sided on taking the juice.

WARNING: Drink and plan to stay at home...whole day. 

My anxiety was  gone, I felt cleansed and very well renewed.  Try it and experience it for yourself.


Kristine Caringal said...

i am vouching for the prunce juice :) very effective indeed!

Kristine Caringal said...

vouching for the effectiveness of prune juice!