Thursday, June 27, 2013

AVEDA Singapore - Damage Remedy™ Restructuring Collection

One sunny Sunday, Abbey, my husband told me that he really loves my red hair, and he took a photo of it while he is walking behind me. He showed the photo and I realized that my curled and colored hair is quite dry.

So on that same day, I sat down on my freebies/sample drawer and looked for a hair product that I can use and I found Aveda shampoo, conditioner and daily hair repair tubes from the Damage Remedy line. After the planned activities, I straight away went for some lovely "me time" and on my hand are the Aveda samples.

As the shampoo touched my wet scalp, the aroma immediately filled our bathroom, and it really relaxes me. Washing off the shampoo I felt the extra cleanliness of my hair. Time for conditioner, I squeezed the extra water, applied and left it for about 5 minutes. As I ran my fingers through my hair to wash off the conditioner, I felt instantly the effect, (I am not over-reacting here), then its time for the treatment vial its seems an expert from a salon touched and cured my hair!

How much I love the result of the product? After I bathe, I immediately go to Aveda's online store and asked my husband to buy it for me. After I woke, that Monday, I never showered my hair way to maintain that fullness and smoothness of my hair! Really love that product!

Go and try it for yourself, check out their online store now!

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