Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment Total Care

When I announced my intention to curl my hair, many were approved it but many also were worried. The issues that was pointed out by my siblings and friends were... what if the curls will not be look so nice for me, what if my beautiful crowning glory will end up dry after I decided to go back to my natural wavy hair, what if frizziness and split-ends will start to build up, and on and on.. but I still continued my plan.

We went to New Station Salon beside the Clementi Mall, sat down there until my phone ran out of battery, they cut, shampooed, treated, and the last is curled it up using an alien like machine. Almost 3 hours of sitting my butt there, then they took out the rod of perming machine. Upon cooling down, they washed again my hair. Then the beautiful locks appeared.

Now, its on my hands to take care of my permed hair. I never stopped doing my "me-time" habit, every week I keep on using my trusted hair products to nourished my crowning glory.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment Total Care is my best ally to prove that I can flaunt my permed hair beautifully. I easily get-along with my new hair-do! This product helps me to prevent the signs of damaged hair.

I bought this when Watsons held a bargain in Singapore Expo. This only costs me $5 and it lasted for more than a month of weekly usage.

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