Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey Lotion

We never set a rule, we never talked about it, and never ask to each other, but I keep an eye on his belongings and his to mine. I always account what he needs, his deodorants, perfumes, foot powders, toothbrush, and even his facial wash for the month.

As he is to mine, he knew when will be the last bottle of my lotion. I am always surprised to see a bag of my body moisturizer, but among of those variants, this Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey is the best as of now. The thickness of the fluid is perfect for my skin and the softness and moisturizing effect last for a whole day. The scent?, until bedtime I can smell its fresh scent.

This costs $18.90. Every woman deserves this kind of lotion. Below are the Marks & Spencers' branches here in Singapore.

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