Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natio Heavenly Hand Cream

Hands are very essential part of our body, any jobs you can tell me that do not require of those? Well, I work in the office, a very cold office, actually the air-condition is just in front of me and the breeze directly hits my table and this made my hands dry. I don't want to put my big lotion bottle in our office and the solution, get the Natio's travel size hand cream.

If you do not want chemicals to worsen dryness of your hands, go for organic products and I will recommend Australia's premium organic brand...Natio. If you love the smell of the spa, this hand cream is very recommendable for you and the best is, this also helps soothe a tired hand.

Go to any SaSa branch and look for their beauty specialist and try to this product for yourself. 90g tube only costs $16.00.

A special thanks to SaSa Singapore, for letting me have a set of Natio Products and apologies for a late review, haha.

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