Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flexwear Contact Lenses

"My goodness! Wilma! You look like a spinster! Stop using that." That's my professor in Customs Administration blurted out when he saw me wearing my first eyeglasses. I just smirk but deep inside I want to throw my glasses out of the faculty room.

When I got home, I begged my older sister to buy a contact lenses for me, since I can't asked my parents, because they just cash out for the glasses. Well, my sister bought it for me, then I have my first blue colored contact lenses on my second year of college. 

Since it was offered by Executive Optical, I know this lenses would not affect my eyesight or will be a reason for blindness. This costs not more than Php700 and can be used for 6 months. If you are lucky enough, they are giving a promotion of Php1200 for two pairs.

Some asked me, how was it wearing a small piece of plastic on my eyes, Flexwear really doing its job, giving me a clear vision and making my eyes sparkle. I have this dry eyes so I really need an eyedropper to lubricate the lenses against my eyeballs, or else it will irritates me or the contact lenses will just fall off. Haha! 

This is affordable and safe rather buying on some unregistered online shops. 

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