Friday, June 1, 2012


I checked my facebook account, I saw this Time Out's Singapore FB Page, a one hour of all you can drink beer. For the record, I joined this giveaway and hope to win for Nitin, my husband's colleague, but he declined my offer to take the pair of ticket. Sad. But I pass off this negative vibes, so I ask Neth to come with me. 

Well, Fabrika is just two blocks away from our office. A nice location for this kind of business ha! It is located at the 17th floor of Klapsons Building, 15 Hoe Chiang Road. The venue is good, the wind and the magnificent sunset rays is all you can see and if you are fascinated how the PSA works.. from there you can see the transtainer loading and unloading the containers in the port. A relaxing ambiance in the middle of the busiest part of Singapore. 

I am not a beer drinker but I tried. I think I drunk almost 1/4 of a small glass. Oh, we ordered a "pulutan" for $23.50, we have their Awesome Weiners.  The taste, very nice, I almost ate it all haha, the dip is delicious! 

This place is very recommendable. Hey Hapaglloyd, WanHai, OOCL, Interasia guys and people from the trucking companies, this is just opposite from our building. Visit them and unwind from the stress by our work. ;) 

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