Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flexwear Contact Lenses

"My goodness! Wilma! You look like a spinster! Stop using that." That's my professor in Customs Administration blurted out when he saw me wearing my first eyeglasses. I just smirk but deep inside I want to throw my glasses out of the faculty room.

When I got home, I begged my older sister to buy a contact lenses for me, since I can't asked my parents, because they just cash out for the glasses. Well, my sister bought it for me, then I have my first blue colored contact lenses on my second year of college. 

Since it was offered by Executive Optical, I know this lenses would not affect my eyesight or will be a reason for blindness. This costs not more than Php700 and can be used for 6 months. If you are lucky enough, they are giving a promotion of Php1200 for two pairs.

Some asked me, how was it wearing a small piece of plastic on my eyes, Flexwear really doing its job, giving me a clear vision and making my eyes sparkle. I have this dry eyes so I really need an eyedropper to lubricate the lenses against my eyeballs, or else it will irritates me or the contact lenses will just fall off. Haha! 

This is affordable and safe rather buying on some unregistered online shops. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's Talk About "EX"

Worst comes to worst, if we need to separate our ways and end our marriage do you think we still can be friends? Abbey blurted immediately "YES"..

As what I say to my post, I am not used to burning bridges, and my boyfriends and ex-fiance is not exception to that. I keep my line open to them and even to their new linking, until..

I cannot get it, why the new girls wants me to explain why I ended up my relationship to their boys. This occurred to me twice. The first one, the girl phoned me and asking anything about her boy, she is quite nice to me and I am too to her. How she got my number, that I don't have an idea. This time, its quite amusing, miles away then she reached me through messenger, yahoo ID popped in and all along I thought that was ex-fiance but a wrong choice of words were done and caught her up.

I really cannot understand why this lady keep on asking why me and her boy ended a 10 year relationship. Is there any enough reason that can suffice all the mingling thought she have in her mind. Even hurtful sentences were slammed to me, all I replied to her is... "Just believe all the things told to you by your partner regarding to our past.". But queries still keep on coming, then all I can do is bid goodbye and end that conversation.

Well, for me, she should be thankful enough for the things that happened to me and her boy and by this, she have him as her own. Me, I am thankful for all the past of my husband.

Past really makes you stronger and you will learn a lot from it. If you just accept all the misdoings done.

Unless... the heart is still dwelling in that past and not ready to move on...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Lost My Center

Silence of suffering thumping my head, every movement is a misery. A meter walk path seems one mile, each steps gave a buzzing headache and gigantic dizziness.

It was my first ladies night out at Clarke Quay and and I literally drunk all cocktail that I can, I think I have more than 7 servings. I drunk a lot because it seems that concoction do not have enough alcohol to persuade my center, but I am wrong. As I walked my way out from Aquanova, dizziness dawned on. Alcohol targeted my balance and nothing I can do but to clung and trust my husband's arm.

In MRT, there, I totally lost my composure and throw up. Mint candy didn't help. Luckily, I have this plastic bag where even myself can be fitted in. Since it almost midnight, few people is in the train, I threw up but no one seems to see me, no one seems to care. I am pretty wasted.

Alighting at MRT and the 3 minutes walk to our flat seems forever.  My husband attempted to carry me but I insisted to walk my way to our building. In our sanctuary, I threw up again and passed out. Then my brain shut down.

I woke with new shirt, my make up was removed and plenty of mints in my bag. Shyness was all I felt towards Abbey and vowed to myself that would be the last intoxication in my life.

At work, I hurriedly rang Abbey's handphone every now then asking for forgiveness. Even he got to his office, conscience bugging me and I want to cover the anxiety that I felt for myself.  He asked me to stop and he told me that everything was fine. Nothing changed. But I know, that was really a big turn-off.

When I got home from the worst day ever I had in my career(not due to stress but from hangover), I saw the flowers and a note on our table. Very touching and sincere. I am the worst and most wasted girl I can ever think of that night, but my huband's missive lifted me up. His letter says if it will happen again, we will take a cab rather than a train. Haha! Ooops, he even cooked pork nilaga for me. :)

Sorry, this will not happen again. Right hand up!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bijinsenmon Face Slimming Mask

I am one of the winners of Bijinsenmon Face Slimming Mask facebook contest held by Confirm Trading, and I am so excited.

As my brothers told me, I have this very prime jaw line, the feature that gives me a fierce look.  Its not that I want to change it, but why not try to slim it down somehow. Ha!

Before the Slimming Mask - 13cm

I measured my jawline then my husband took a photo, its 13cm each side. As instructed, I put the mask on. There is feeling of stings and from there I know the fluid trying to penetrate now through my pores. After 20 mins and with clean hands, I took off the mask and start to massage it. OMG, I felt burning sensation on that area, but do not get me wrong, its not hurtful but found it relaxing. I rinse it off and measured it again. 13cm still. Maybe if I will use this not just once, I can have the v-shape face. Maybe more samples instead of 1, kidding Bijinsenmon. :)

Slimming Mask in Action
Steps to Use 
After that mask, I do not use anything on my face. But after bed and even after bathing, when I touched my jawline, it feels so soft and supple. It feels tighter than other parts of my face. No rashes developed or even zits.

Thanks guys of Bijinsenmon for making me a part this campaign and to try it for free. More power.

After the Slimming Mask - 13cm

Friday, June 1, 2012


I checked my facebook account, I saw this Time Out's Singapore FB Page, a one hour of all you can drink beer. For the record, I joined this giveaway and hope to win for Nitin, my husband's colleague, but he declined my offer to take the pair of ticket. Sad. But I pass off this negative vibes, so I ask Neth to come with me. 

Well, Fabrika is just two blocks away from our office. A nice location for this kind of business ha! It is located at the 17th floor of Klapsons Building, 15 Hoe Chiang Road. The venue is good, the wind and the magnificent sunset rays is all you can see and if you are fascinated how the PSA works.. from there you can see the transtainer loading and unloading the containers in the port. A relaxing ambiance in the middle of the busiest part of Singapore. 

I am not a beer drinker but I tried. I think I drunk almost 1/4 of a small glass. Oh, we ordered a "pulutan" for $23.50, we have their Awesome Weiners.  The taste, very nice, I almost ate it all haha, the dip is delicious! 

This place is very recommendable. Hey Hapaglloyd, WanHai, OOCL, Interasia guys and people from the trucking companies, this is just opposite from our building. Visit them and unwind from the stress by our work. ;)