Monday, May 28, 2012

Sexily La Senza

I am sorry but I am not a girl who settles with a boring bras and panties. If not with stunning colors, or sexy black, the design must be an eye-candy. Maybe some of you will think this weird but this is me, this kind of underwear makes me feel way too sexy.

Actually, I am really a gaga over those kind of stuffs and my family and friends knew that well. My sister, sisters-in-law and barkada do gave me lingerie as a gift on my birthday or xmas, this is a usual stuff wrapped for me. The most lovely is the red see-through thong with diamonds formed in a heart shaped. Do you remember this Den and Mitte? And even miles away, when my sister got here in Singapore, she gave me set of colorful and black undies and when my brother went here another two sets of brassiere added to my drawer. Imagine how many underwear I have on stock? Ha!

And even I have a handful un-used undies, when I saw the last year promotion of La Senza, no second thought I went to their place and participate the hunt for stickers. I just got discount and become one of its VIPs.

On the picture above, that is all I got from La Senza as of now. As usual, I want to try all the brands in the market but La Senza is the best, from the fabric, its smoothness and the way the it boosts extra confidence and sexiness on the wearer is awesome. Whenever I visit their shop, whether in VivoCity or Suntec, beautiful ladies of LS never fails to assist me. Compliments to them.

Its my dream to have a sexy lingerie and LS fulfilled it. I am not the only one loving La Senza, my husband and my bff loves it too, its wallet-friendly. Lingeristas just like their facebook page to know their latest promotions.

Branches of La Senza Singapore
ION Orchard #B2-51Tel. 6634 1461
Paragon #03-01 Tel. 6333 8611
Wisma Atria #01-29/30 Tel. 6732 3449
Suntec City Mall #01-18/20 Tel. 6336 1804 (Last Day 27 May 2012)
VivoCity #01-184 Tel. 6376 9821
Marina Bay Sands #B2-102 Tel. 6634 0472

Sunday, May 20, 2012

International Museum Day - Open House Day

Enjoy free admission to participating museums on the Children’s Season 2012 Open House Weekends.

19 May 2012
- Asian Civilisations Museum
- Infocomm Experience Centre
- Memories of Old Ford Factory
- National Museum of Singapore
- Peranakan Museum
- Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
- Reflections at Bukit Chandu
- Singapore Art Museum
- Singapore Philatelic Museum
- Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall
- The Changi Museum
- YOG Gallery @ Sports Museum

26 May 2012
- National Museum of Singapore
- Reflections at Bukit Chandu
- Singapore Philatelic Museum
- Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

27 May 2012
- National Museum of Singapore
- Singapore Philatelic Museum
- Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

2-3 June 2012
- Singapore Philatelic Museum

9-10 June 2012
- Asian Civilisations Museum

16-17 June 2012
- Peranakan Museum

23 June 2012
- Memories of Old Ford Factory

23-24 June 2012
- Memories of Old Ford Factory
- National Museum of Singapore

You can enjoy and nurture your mind by exploring the above museum. Hmmm, you want more? Enjoy freebies while learning and reminiscing. Thanks to Museum Roundtable and NHB

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pink Parlour

I was introduced to this regime when I saw a 50% discount of Lay Bare on my Belle de Jour PowerPlanner. Since then, I got addicted to the pain it gives me or should I say I really have a great tolerance of this act. Haha. 

Nail Polishes 
When I came here in Singapore, of course unlike Philippines' rate of Php350 per session, their  brazilian waxing is pretty costly. I went to different salons and even the vouchers seems so expensive. But I don't have a choice, maybe I used to it that it is always hair-free, I went to Pink Parlour at NEX mall to take the unwanted hair off. It costs me $55.64. I am quite nervous, as Lay Bare uses only a cold wax, that will be the 2nd time I will ask someone to put hot wax on my private part. I have unhappy experience with hot waxes. So okay, trust Pink Parlour and the lady's hand. Hehe.

In their room, it will gives you a comfy feeling not only because of its girly design but because with their friendly staff. Of course before going here, I scouted and research, here in Pink Parlour, they follow strictly the "no double-dipping rule" and will leave the part totally hairless. Hehe. Sexy like a baby! ;)
Pink Parlour Room 
After that, I swear to my self  go back here for another session, but too lucky month passed, they open a branch at Tampines1 last June 25, 2011. Ha! For only $8 I am hair free and a discounted package  of $260 for my next ten visit. Oh, they gave me a goodie bag. Hehe. Lovely isn't? I also bought their bump eraiser to prevent ingrowns.

Very recommendable to all first timers and an avid fan of waxing. This is a great venue for sparty too. Below are their branches. Don't think twice, feel the sexiness of being hair-free, download their iPhone App now. Ooopps compliments to Ms. Alma.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

sOmang Cosmetics - Ecopure Moisture Fore Essential Skin Care Gift Set

I am envious to Koreans' skin...their white complexion, the small pores and the tight feature of their face. The cold weather and healthy food plays a big role of what they have now, but they are also known to manufacture and distribute many beauty products and one of the them is sOmang Cosmetics. I only heard this product when I got here in Singapore, and thanks to Plus Big Deal, I am one of the lucky winner to get this product.

I redeemed at sOmang NEX branch, the Danahan Ecopure Fore Moisture Essential Skin Care Set. I do not use anything on my face religiously, all I know is to make it clean, and thats it. But I am frantic once there some zit on it, hehe. Once I got this set, I immediately cleansed my face with water and Abbey's facial wash, shaked the toner for the oil and and essences to be mixed, put 3-4 drops at a cotton then tapped gently on my face. Toner was absorbed after 5mins then I put on the emulsion cream, just a few drops, then leave. Oh I used this before going to bed. 

Noticed the following:
1. The smell of emulsion cream do not smell good, its is not that bad, but not enticing. The first time I used it, I really want to wash it off. 
2. This 30ml can last up to 1 month of daily use. 
3. As promised, my face looks nourished and really glowing. 
4. In continues use, zits starts to appear most specially on my forehead area. 
5. I do hope they have an english translation on every box. 

Overall... I just like it. Try it for yourself. Please visit their page. ;) This pack cost $39.90.