Monday, February 20, 2012

Blinc Eyeliner

Thanks Blinc for this sample. Okay, Blinc eyeliner is the first make-up I will do for a review. Bwena-Mano.

Blinc is known for the "tube technology" for their mascara. Now, they have this liquid eyeliner. I am not a real user of liquid eyeliner, why? I am afraid it will smudge then it will get in to my eyes. But now, I am here to trust this Blinc. Quite hesitant but need to get out of my comfort zone.

I applied blinc and there some things that I noticed.
1. It has a real black-black color which is quite nice.
2. It dries easily, no need to for me to go and face the electric fan for 2 minutes. Haha.
3. Its outcome was like I undergone to a tattoo for a eyeliner (big OK for me).
4. It never fades for a whole day of wearing it.
5. I am a contact lenses user and sometimes I uses a dropper for extra moisture on my eyes. Safe for me as it never smudges.
6. And lastly, all I need to do is some water to peel off. Yes correct term is "peel off" as it like you rub a dead skin off your eyes. No residue after all. No zombie eyes after. Hehe.

Thanks Blinc and Ms. Michele :)

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