Thursday, August 17, 2017


I am not here to educate you about bitcoin; why it was created, who is Satoshi, and how radical the changes it may cause to an economy. Below is the best video I have found for you to understand a deeper perspective what money is today and how bitcoin can totally make difference in the banking system and in our day to day lives.

Before watching this lengthy video, kindly forget first what the mainstream media have propagated now about bitcoin. I bet, they do not want you to know how crooked the fiat money you are holding to. 

I saw a bitcoin atm last 2013 here in Singapore and I just took a glimpse and smirk on the idea but do not get me wrong. My husband and I knew about the quantitative easing and how the government will collapse when they will not bailout the banks but we just do not believe that this bitcoin can be huge enough to smash a thick wall of these two conglomerates (government and banks).  

Fast forward 2017, February, my Uncle Bert from Dubai visited us and talked to my nephews about gaming sites that rewards bitcoin. I just smiled on the idea. Come June, while I am in plane going back here in Singapore I heard about this Infotech and explained what will be happening in this event. 

When I reached our flat, I enthusiastically told to my husband about it. With that, we started to study about blockchain, read white papers, joined groups (like Bitcoin PH) and make our ears wide open on talks that are happening. Then, we smashed the nail in the head big time! We found out a lot and all I can say banks and governments are now into this blockchain. Why? If this radical change of currency will go through, citizens of Earth will not need a bank (who will use bank if interest rate is too low) and will be free in paying some taxes(bloodline of government). 

In addition to that, many companies are now incorporated and affiliated themselves to blockchain companies to build their system on a digital ledgers. Some banks in Switzerland are now compiling legal regulations to tokenized some of their clients assets and equities. (These are clues— you are welcome) 

Abbey and I support this advocacy and that is why we invest in bitcoin. We can’t wait now that this currency to be accepted to most of all stores and used it as medium of trade. :) 

If you want to have a free bitcoin. Yes free! These are the faucets ( [per hour]and moon bitcoin every 5 minutes] ) that I used to get some of bitcoins while I am studying them. As you all know, I have a low tolerance in wasting time. So I am getting some BTC dust (satoshis) than nothing at all.


If you are ready to invest, you can use Coinbase, Bittrex, Coinhako (Singapore/Malaysia) or (Philippines) to buy. Those are exchanges and wallets too. 
If you want to know, if I mine? NO! It is a waste of resources, there are too many huge players now. As in huge! Their properties are so big that they seem to look like they are mining a physical gold.

From here, I do hope that you will dig deeper about bitcoin, its feature and future and stop listening to mainstream media about it. 

Exceed it bitcoin! TO THE MOON!
Next post, wait for our ETHER! :)

Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk. 

For your safety, before registering any site for coins, you please check They compile websites that propagates  BITCOIN SCAMS. 

As of now, with our bitcoin, it already gained 50%+ more. On on our ether, it gained almost 80% as of this date.

Studying this two pays off! :)

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  1. Understand your writing; this is an opportunity of a lifetime.
    If not to make a good return; its great time to be part of something revolutionary
    Do you have suggestion of other cryptocurrencies to pay attention to, there are so many of them