Thursday, October 6, 2016

FREE (WordPress vs Blogger) or PAID Web Hosting

We were instructed to buy a domain name and register for a hosting site before we step our foot to Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive seminar last January 2016 here in Singapore. And after that 3-day event, I am ready to grind, but my inner me is yanking that I do not need paid hosting sites to build up a new blog. I keep on thinking about it for days..and days. My husband is in full support and even my friends who have their own sites agreeing what Peng Joon taught us that we need a paid hosing site. BUT I cannot shake off the fact the mission I am in. The mission to help people in getting their own site for few bucks or no cost at all.

Then, I talked to my very close friend who have no idea about building sites, SEO and whatever. I talked to an outsider of the business. And truth slapped me to the face when she stated insights about blogging. And on that, I decided to dig deeper. While in limbo of this immensely complex world wide web, I cannot suddenly log-in on my HostJill account, send them email about it but took for almost one day for them to acknowledge my case. I take it as a sign, instantly e-mailed HostJill to refund the hosting I have paid and decided to stick to Blogger.

Why? Many well-known people in blogging world that will recommend or push you to get a hosting site, that is in fact they are affiliated with. Yes! They are earning from every signup. They will drag you the issues about uncertainty on security, reliability, storage, support and assistance and many more. And to repel those problems that may occur, go for the best companies that hosting sites, Blogger (by Google) and WordPress.

Do you think Google will allow to breach your security? Do you think Google will leave behind their own Blogger in search engine ranking? Do you think Google will compromise its name because you are not paying them? Well, think again!

And that made me decide to stick to blogger. Yes, I am talking about our blogspot accounts. Not WordPress. Why? Below are their differences:

Blogger vs WordPress.Org
We are more inclined to help people via the reviews were are taking. My husband and I, maybe like you, have been victim of a hype done by some paid bloggers to advertise/promote some businesses. (Do not get us wrong, we are not resentful towards them, we do also have offers for paid blogging and conjugally we refused) In truth, we believe more on the reviews of non-celebrity blogs than the famous bloggers.

I hope this insight will somewhat open up new ideas whenever you have the plan to build your own site.

Have a great day ahead guys!

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