Friday, May 29, 2015

NIVEA (Singapore) Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

Most of the companies now are innovating their products. Well, that is a must for them to survive in an ever-changing world.

Many people do not like to use lotions. Because they do not want the feel of stickiness upon they sweat. Even me, I'm a big fan of lotions but sometimes do not want to apply it because it feel so hot when my monthly 'visitor' is coming. Lo and behold, Nivea introduces the Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

This is a rinse-off body conditioner. They send me sachets of sample and I fall in love with it. So every time that I do not feel to apply my day-to-day lotion, I do not need to worry of my skin's moisture dose. Nivea Skin Conditioner is right here to rescue.

It feels so good on the skin that even my husband uses it too. 

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