Sunday, June 29, 2014 Singapore

Aren't you tired of buying a product and in once or second attempt in using it seems not affective or worst gave you allergies? Aren't you wishing a sample first for any thing that we buy? Well..well..well..Sample Store is a blessing from above! 

We signed-up for this platform.. Success!!! We are receiving samples of different merchandise. We already got some from Hada Labo, Hiruscar Post Acne, Nip and Fab. Guess what? Nando's gave vouchers for 1/4 chicken also. 

How it works? Sign-up, activate your account,  check the products you want for sampling and viola! Wait for 2-5 days for them to deliver the said order. You read it right it right, they will mail it for you. 

Check your cart summary ok? Some products need to deduct from your points (free when signed-up), or will bill you handling charge, and some are totally free. Accumulating points is so easy, just say something what do you think about the product. Every review will give 2 points. 

So what are you staring on this screen? Click the icon below, register now and get to try new products. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Holler "BUY-BUY!" to Great Singapore Sale 2014!

Great Singapore Sale or widely known as GSS is a yearly event. This is waited not just by Singaporeans but also all races in or out of the city state. Now 2014, it started last 30th of May and stretched until 27th of July. 

As always, I am excited for this. Why? Here I can shop guilt-free. Almost all of the boutiques raising their red "SALE" flag and dropping the prices for almost 80% off. Imagine that? Big savings right? 

I shop not only to refill my stocks of toiletries but also I do it to check-off the list for my holiday gifts. My husband and I are Filipino-expat, in this time we also buy some things that we can send to our relatives back in the Philippines.

Oh, do you know that some of the commodities in on-line shops were came from this great great sale? 

What are you waiting for? Fly in to Singapore and indulge in this event. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Are You Really Saving in Buying Coupons/Vouchers?

I will confess that I am voucher-dependent. Yes, I really saved a lot from purchasing those than paying the actual price. To tell you frankly, I subscribed to almost all of it from Groupon, Alldeals, and the list goes on. If you are following my facebook account and our couple's blog you can see from there the activities, salon, out of the country tours, and spa services we availed. 

If I am saving a lot from it, I also saw some of friends, colleagues and even acquaintances wasting money and their precious time in this platfrorm.

I cannot say that I am an expert but here are the tips that maybe can help you how to really saved money in buying those coupons. 

1. Ask your self first. Do you really need that item? When is your last manicure/pedicure/hair cut/hair color? Does your stress exceeds your limits that your muscles shouting for some massage? Is that buffet a good excuse to skip your diet?
Ask those questions and believe in your intution. The voice within will tell you that "Hey! You better not buy that."

2. Check the reputation of the merchant. This is a must! In getting some services and products we always wanted it to be a good one right? So ask from people who already availed it or read some blogs/reviews. 

3. Really? You are buying gadgets there? Why not at the IT show? Great discounts and more freebies.

4. Take a good look on these. Some deals are valid only to some group of people. Look on the list below.
a. Valid for first time customers only. 
b. Valid for male/female only.
c. They have specific IC holder that they want to serve.
d. Does your age qualify?

5. Going for a hair cut/color/perm/straightening? Is there any length limitation? Is the chemical they will be using okay with you? 

Massage? Is that the kind of massage you want them to do on your body? Any additional
payment if you will use their amenities?

6. Holiday trips! Yahoo! Check if the taxes, breakfast or even flights are included or not.

7. Of course, this is a great marketing strategy for all the merchants. Learn to say "No" if they present  some bundles of products and services. 

All you need is read, read and re-read all the terms and conditions. 

Oh, as I told you before, I am coupon enthusiast and above are the tips for you not to commit some of the mistakes I had gone with.

Below are the sites I really trusted and offers a great merchants for their deals. Happy shopping!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

To Shift or Not "Two" Shifts? That is the Question.

Just recently, we faced a battle and we succumbed by the fact that Abbey can't sustain the 1week rotating schedule. Officially announced this month the 2-week shifting for my husband. After almost 5 years staying in his company, the change came. I was shocked and the gloomy cloud of reality get in to my bubble of comfort. As always, I need to check the brighter side of this event. 

Good points I pondered:
1. As I hate my husband having a 10-day night shift, it is an extra money for us.. Hello to night differential. Kaching-kaching!

2. I called it dreaded EMEA shift. Why? I will go to office while Abbey is sleeping and he will be coming home too late and all he can see is me.. In my deep slumber. Brighter side? I can do a "me time".  Clean the room, kitchen, cabinets, etc. Oh, hello to Saturday dates.

3. For APAC, we will be going to office together and dinner date at nights. :) 

4. "I miss you" sms flooding both of our inboxes. 

If you will delve in all negative thoughts that succumbing life gives us there will be no good outcome we can treasure. Accept the facts, always look at the brighter side and focus more on the things you can control. You'll see life is more easier and more fun to handle with.