Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strip Singapore: Ministry of Waxing - IPL Brazilian @ $58

I tried hot and cold wax and even the soft one for my brazilian and it was my first time to have an IPL down there. 
First time indeed, I don't know the process but I know that they will use a machine that will emits laser.. :) haha! Oh dear, I do not even know that IPL stands for Intensed Pulse Light. 
So the process:
1. They will shave all the hair and they definitely left it bare. OMG, I am quite furious that time, because I know that the hair will grow back 2-3 days once shaved off. 
2. They will put a gel, actually a cooling gel to mimimize the heat that will emit by the machine.
3. The light was applied by the attendant using a wand-like device, its soothing as it warms the cold gel.

The result.
1. 3 days after my session, the hair starts to grow and because it was shaved it made me feel the irritating itchiness. 
2. One week aftet the treatment,  whenever I take a shower, using my gloves to exfoliate the IPLed part, the hair starts to come-off. And now it is bare again.

My anxiety grew and heard the voice of attendant that I will regret that I don't take their 50% off offer for 5 sessions. 

Yeah regret it.. Haha! Anyways, I still have package from other beauty salon for brazilian wax, after that sessions, maybe I will rethink if I should pursue to have some IPL with Strip ;)

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