Saturday, September 7, 2013


Yes! I am a monster.

I am a strict and all-must-know girlfriend. He do not have any privacy on me and I have the "I am the only right attitude". I nagged him, even our neighbors heard I am cursing him.

No-secrets policy. Before he does anything he must ask for my permission. If I cannot go to an event or place he should stay home too. I want phone calls before he sleeps and a ring before he could open his eyes from slumber. I want a date weekly, monthsary letters and surprises. I am super sensitive. 

I am not a touchy person, public display of affection is a big NO. I am not a pleaser. I want all my commands will be executed in a second. Everything should be done for me and only me.. I want to be his center of love and attention.. No other people must penetrate our space. 

...And I met Abbey, again. A self-made monster!.. A sensitive, "us" policy person, must know all, he wants all of my attention and time, loves surprises, missives are overflowing, respect is a must. He never went to a place or event without me, communication is compulsory, pleaser, fond of PDA, he wants to be always prioritized. A commander. 

Yes we are both monsters... monsters united in love.

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