Thursday, June 27, 2013

AVEDA Singapore - Damage Remedy™ Restructuring Collection

One sunny Sunday, Abbey, my husband told me that he really loves my red hair, and he took a photo of it while he is walking behind me. He showed the photo and I realized that my curled and colored hair is quite dry.

So on that same day, I sat down on my freebies/sample drawer and looked for a hair product that I can use and I found Aveda shampoo, conditioner and daily hair repair tubes from the Damage Remedy line. After the planned activities, I straight away went for some lovely "me time" and on my hand are the Aveda samples.

As the shampoo touched my wet scalp, the aroma immediately filled our bathroom, and it really relaxes me. Washing off the shampoo I felt the extra cleanliness of my hair. Time for conditioner, I squeezed the extra water, applied and left it for about 5 minutes. As I ran my fingers through my hair to wash off the conditioner, I felt instantly the effect, (I am not over-reacting here), then its time for the treatment vial its seems an expert from a salon touched and cured my hair!

How much I love the result of the product? After I bathe, I immediately go to Aveda's online store and asked my husband to buy it for me. After I woke, that Monday, I never showered my hair way to maintain that fullness and smoothness of my hair! Really love that product!

Go and try it for yourself, check out their online store now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canon Get A Grip - Powershot N Camera‎

In the era where photo editing is a must, still many drab pictures are lurking the social media sites.

Well, am I the only one anxious when someone from your facebook friends keep uploading  same shots, same angle, on a boring background over and over again? Well, Canon Singapore proved that I am not alone.

Recently,  GET A GRIP was launched and I pledged for a change. Pledged to be more creative on snaping a photo and filter first before uploading it in facebook or our blogs.
Are you one of us in this vision? Come, join, and pledge in! 

Thanks Canon for this shirt :) 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Target Achieved

This May was really a mind-blowing month for me and my hubby.

When 2013 stepped up on our lives, I told my husband that on this year we must focus more on our careers and money matters. Last two years of our marriage, we promised to enjoy and spend time with each other's company. We traveled, explore different kinds of foods and attended events, and this year we agreed to focus on our jobs and investments.

I really thought that it will take us a year to achieve our career target, but only 5 months, Almighty One blessed and granted the desires of our heart. Abbey was promoted as team lead in UBS, I am so happy, I know he deserved it...I am envy of him, while I received a salary increment and Abbey is so envious of that. Haha!

In investments, Abbey now religiously buying shares of his choice, while I am still torn between two companies to complete my "Power of Five" firms. I received dividends and Abbey may received his second on last week of June. Another investment is now materializing, we are expecting that to be finished before October. :)

Our hopes were blessed. I am so lucky to have Abbey.... to have him on my side while placing each piece of our puzzle for our target retirement age.

Thanks to our employers and colleagues who believed on us. Thanks to the community that keeps us informed, well educated and updated. And most specially, gratitude to our family & friends for continuous prayers and support on our plans.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

NIP + FAB Singapore - Cellulite Fix

Are you sure that you do not have cellulite? To check it for yourself, look onto your thigh, the more prone area in developing this cellulite, do you see dimple-like on your skin?, no?, try to pinch it.

As I examined last month I was at the stage grade 2 ( No visible cellulite when lying down or standing.  An orange peel texture can be seen when the skin is pinched.) and the reaction from my family was, you are so slim to have that, well even thin women are not exempted to this.

Gladly, Abbey won and received a package from Nip & Fab Cellulite Fix. I used it daily after my bath in the morning. The gel is not sticky and no irritating or hot feeling once I applied. The tube lasts for a month, it costs $29.90 and available on their website and Watsons.

In a very busy day, I do not need to workout so much to lessen the fatty bumps. ;) Thanks Nip + Fab Singapore.