Saturday, November 24, 2012

Make or Break

Social networks will either make or break you. The primary vision of this sites is to you unite and connect each people we want to, but some of us abused the functions of those.

I heard a lot of story how a long lost people saw and talk each other again, many people got their love story through facebook and many news and discoveries were read due to daily updates on their walls. But all those good things have an opposite and dark side of this facebook. Many people's heart was broken up, many studies was failed, many friends separated their ways, families on angst, many identity theft was done, many lies, and so on.

There are few times that I want to delete my account, why?,  all I see on people's update are their rants about their siblings, parents, studies, job and most specially about their relationship to opposite sex. Even the TV patrol and 24 Oras pages were unliked due to almost every hour updating about negative things in Philippines.

Several times I asked my husband but he opposed the idea of deleting the account, this is the easiest way to connect and have the fresh updates from our siblings and families and to propagate what happening in our blogs. So the solution we took was to unchecked all the news feeds that coming from unnecessary people in our accounts.

I hope many people will use networking sites correctly. Think hard before posting guys. ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boudoir: Makeup by Allets and Photography by Mella Tan

It was just a year and look at her now, she is one of the known Filipino make-up artist here in Singapore. I saw her how she started this passion, the love of making herself and others feel confident and beautiful. That industry she chose was packed with oldies on that business but due to persistent and constant pushing of her friends, she reached her goal. Ate (sister in English) Allets is a mom of two and supervises people in a banking industry at Changi.

How I met her? She was our housemate for three years. OMG, this photoshoot was long planned but because of our busy schedule due to work and family that was the only time we had dealt to clear up out schedule just for this daring/holloween snaps.

At first I thought she will do a make up for me and she will be the one also doing the camera clicking, when I got home, her friend Ate Mella is there, another OMG, working for two professionals made me thinking if I can do exactly what I want. I took a shower to lower down the tension brewing inside me. Haha. Now they know the reason why I done that. Sorry for keeping you waiting for another minute. ;)

After I wore my small clothes, I paved my way to them and sat down in front of Ate Allets to wave her magic hands on me. 25minutes passed she asked me to go their room and we will start the session. Haha, maybe Ate Mella saw that I quite stressed to that idea, she asked me to relax. Then one hour of snapping filled with laughter was done. Thankie.

Those were the photos taken by Ate Mella.

They are not only for models, they had done also some weddings. You can see some of their works at their facebook page and wall.

I am simple girl but they bring out the confidence out of me. I hope sisters this will not be the last.

Makeup by Allets
HP: 98008490

Mella Tan