Friday, February 17, 2012

Deceiving ... Conceiving ...

Lahat ng makakakita sa akin eh nagsasabi na I have a better body now. My hips and butts became bigger omg, even my breasts. Lately I get dizzy almost everyday. As in two weeks akong hilo and on the verge to throw up everytime I move. 

And on that nausea that I felt, umabsent na ako and went for a check-up, doctor found out that I had a low blood pressure. Gave me some pills but the dizziness still continues to bother me. 
Oh, this is my first time to have a menstration that i just bleed up for only a day. And then I remembered my friend, she have this kind of situation tapos buntis pala sya. 

Then my husband excitedly bought this clearblue pregnancy test. And when he saw the result, sabi nya bibili pa daw sya. I don't know, pero I am not ready to bear a child, I am not ready for a great responsibility. Maybe not this day, maybe not this year. Anyway isa pa din ako sa mapalad, somehow. :) 

Lucas 23:29 Sapagka't narito, darating ang mga araw, na kanilang sasabihin, Mapapalad ang mga baog, at ang mga tiyang kailan ma'y hindi nangagdalang-tao, at ang mga dibdib na kailan man ay hindi nangagpapasuso. 

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